More Home Inspection Surprises

Jun 26 2018
Jerry Simpson

hen inspecting houses, normal doors can supply a surprise. Some doorways lead to chambers, some doors result in a black emptiness, and a few doors are strangely locked.

It had been filled with boulders, turns and twists, as well as waterfalls. The driveway to the house was steep and narrow, resulting in a heavy gate. The remote the representative gave me functioned, and the gates slowly opened on whining hinges.

The home was beautifully constructed into the face of the granite ledges, with magnificent floor to ceiling windows. Though the house needed a small footprint – possibly 1500 square feet – 2 tales towered upward, using this very steep bunch. The house was foreclosed on and was vacant.

I began up the staircase to move upward and noticed that a cupboard door with a deadbolt lock. If you see anything like this, owners are often attempting to protect something. Normally I notice in the report I couldn’t get into the cupboard or space, however in this scenario, the lender was the operator and that I doubted they understood anything about this door.

I immediately got on the telephone to the realtor.

“I will call the bank,” she explained.

Three minutes after the telephone rang.

“nobody has a key to this door. If we did I would say input and examine what you find. Can you select it?”

“I am no locksmith. No issue, I will place it in my account,” I said and hung up.

However, I was interested.

I ran my hands throughout the surface of the door trim that’s where I”hide” a secret. My fingers struck an item with Velcro stuck into the trim. A key! It worked!

A black emptiness.

A black metal round staircase came into perspective. I felt just like Nancy Drew. I began slowing down the narrow staircase and started to listen to the noise of water. As soon as I reached the floor, my toes were on an irregular stone floor and that I had been in an area about six feet with 2 doors in the walls. I looked about for a change. I discovered it on the other wall. I was astonished to realize that the walls have been carved into the cliff.

1 cupboard was a very small space with an electric box. Another door was secured with a deadbolt such as the 1 upstairs.

“Oh! I left the vital upstairs,” I said. “Shoot, I will need to go up and get it done.”

I moved back up the circular stairs to recover it. I proceeded back down the stairs into the locked doorway. I had been in a really narrow passageway. The walls were solid stone and that I could see that the furrows where blasting caps were utilized. I had been feeling a bit claustrophobic.

The noise of water grew more powerful as I moved slowly down the cavern route. After traveling 12 ft, I was unexpectedly outside! The waterfall which was visible from within the house was straight facing me.